"Courage" Upcycled Metal Art Tiger (SOLD)

Absolutely one of a kind Upcycled Sculptural Wall Art

SIZE 152CM X 106CM(5ft X 3.5ft)

Each piece of upcycled wall art is made using upcycled aluminium drink cans and takes many hours to complete.

Each aluminium can is collected, cleaned, measured, shaped, and cut to make my artworks.

My work is handmade in my studio in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Each artwork has a personal Certificate of authenticity.

Personal delivery within 50 miles of Stirling


Can you believe that this large tiger wall art is made of upcycled aluminium coca-cola cans?

Each piece of drink can is measured, shaped and placed into this amazing artwork and this is a time-consuming process.

This very cool wall art took many weeks to complete.

This piece is now in it’s final home at a gallery in the USA.