Inspiring and Unusual Recycled Wall Art

I’m not sure about you but I have always been drawn to unusual things in life and this is no different when it comes to unusual artwork. My eye has always been drawn to that which is quirky and unique so it is no surprise that I have ended being an artist who makes unusual upcycled artworks. So If you are looking for quirky wall art for your home then I can help.

Funky Wall Art

Unusual wall art and quirky wall sculptures can add so much character and feel to your home. You might not have considered recycled aluminum soda can art before but the artworks that I create are so striking and make great conversation starters in any space. Would you rather have a mass-produced print that everyone else can buy or would you rather have a piece of unusual wall art? I would always choose to have funky wall art in my home over bland and safe decor that follows the current trends.

tiger made of upcycled coca-cola cans on large light blue canvas
Giant upcycled 5ft x 3ft tiger artwork made of coco-cola soda cans.

Unusual Art

When people see a piece of upcycled can art on the wall of your home they will view it in amazement and disbelief that it is actually made of coco-cola cans. Imagine having guests in your home and they walk into your living room and see a 5ft x 3ft giant tiger made of aluminum cans sparkling on the feature wall. I feel like buying unusual wall art is a fantastic way to express your personality in your home.

Not many people have unique metal wall art in their homes and I believe there are a few reasons for this. One reason could be that buying funky wall art is never considered by most people. Instead, people choose to buy cheap art prints which is great because sometimes this is all that budget will allow. Another reason for people not buying unusual art is because it can be difficult to find, especially from the original unusual upcycle artist or abstract artists for example.

An easy way to find unusual artworks for your home is to google terms like upcycled artists, funky wall art, and quirky wall art. You can also search the same terms on Instagram.

Unusual Wall art sculptures

Where To Buy Unique & Quirky Wall Art

Finding unique and funky wall art for your home is actually really easy. For me, I would recommend buying directly from the artist or maker to ensure the money goes to them. An easy way to find unusual artists is to do a simple google search of words like unusual wall art, upcycling artist, unique wall art, etc. You could use even more specific search terms such as quirky kitchen wall art which will bring up a lot of results from artist websites and also home decor websites.

Websites like Wayfair, Etsy, and Notonthehighstreet can be a good option if you are looking for unusual wall art in the UK. Websites like Wayfair might stock some quirky wall art but they tend to stock more mass products that do not directly support an artist. Finding unusual wall art on Etsy can tricky nowdays because there is a lot of mass produced sellers on the site now which can be frustrating to search.

Breaking bad artwork made of coca-cola cans.

Unusual Artworks

If you are an interior designer then it can be a great idea to try to find original unusual wall art for your client’s space. Imagine the surprise and excitement of the homeowner when they see that really unusual artwork in their home, they will most likely ask where and how you found such a unique piece of wall art.