Unique Wall Art For Unique People

unusual metal wall art eagle made of upcycled drink cans

“Absolutely love Allan’s work, never seen anything like it”

Annabel & David, London


“Allan’s Unusual artworks turns ordinary spaces into amazing spaces” – Kevin McLeod, GRAND DESIGNS



I am a a Multidisciplinary British artist who’s artworks are collected worldwide

Unlike so much art out there today, my unconventional metal upcycled artworks are absolutely original and one of a kind. Prints are impossible for me and i love that! 

 By investing in my art you will own something no one else in the world has, that is priceless!

Every piece of original art is made 100% by hand over countless hours by me in my studio in the heart of Scotland.

Maybe you are renovating or have a space looking for something a bit special or maybe you are Interior designer?

 Get in touch today 

large black and white abstract painting close up
unusual metal wall art zebra

British artist creating unusual metal artworks with character & feeling

Art That's Unique As You!

"My sculptural metal art is shining a light, quite literally on how we are treating the environment we live in. Doing this in a visually aesthetic and non-threatening way. My hope for these unique artworks is to be a gateway to conversations about our planet our disposable way of life and our perception of what beauty is"

close up of upcycled metal eagle artworok

Your local abstract artist, no matter your location

I have many pieces of original abstract art and large metal wall art for sale at allanisart. 

I also love working with new and unique materials which typically are not used to make art. I feel the world needs fresh new ideas to get people thinking.

If you are Renovating or Re-modelling and are thinking about buying original artwork then I can absolutely help you.

Maybe you have a feature wall that’s just waiting for something a bit magical to be hung in that space. Contact me today because I can do something exciting and original just for you. I also specialise in Very Large abstract paintings which is unique.

I will look after you and my prices are affordable but always rising. I have many works available for sale right now. I am based 20 minutes from Stirling city centre in Scotland.